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15 Dec 2018 11:53 AM | Bill Anderson (Administrator)


Presidents Report
December 2018

Most important item for this newsletter is to wish all our members and followers a very Merry Christmas and an exciting 2019.  Your support is appreciated by myself, the RCA committee and restoration team.

The end of the year is upon us and it is timely to look back at the highlights and achievements of 2018 and to look forward to 2019.

      A welcome to the new members who have signed on this year, many are keen to keep abreast of the restoration and several have pitched in to become hands-on at the aircraft.

      Our work days of Saturday, Monday and Wednesday are well attended and you are most welcome to pay us a visit. Please contact me first.  The boys will finish up on Wednesday the 19th and return January 7th. The restoration lunch table has become something of a culinary challenge…see the photos!

      Great progress has been made on the centre wing section and the fuselage, plenty more to do! Terry Fahey will report on progress at the aircraft.

      The AGM in July was well attended with the committee being re-elected and I thank them for all the time they offer to facilitate our goals.

      The memorial garden has had a re plant, looks lovely and should be a picture by next April. Some of you may not be aware that some plants were dug up and removed…what can I say. 

      Festival planning is in full swing. Response to our sponsorship requests was encouraging and the major sponsors for Festival 2019 are: Centennial Coal, LMCC, Kennards Hire, Origin Energy, Newcastle Machinery Sales, Fly Pelican and Pumps 2000. There is always a need for volunteers leading up to and at the Festival…please make contact if you can spare some time. There will be a VIP marquee for our sponsors, if any member has an RSA qualification I would like to hear from you.

      The dialogue with LMCC staff and Councillors continues and there have been numerous positive meetings as they work through the development of the Rathmines Park Management Plan.  It does seem like slow going at times but I know that Council staff want to get it right and we will support them in achieving a vibrant outcome.

      2019 will be an important year.  Records indicate that RAAF Rathmines was established in 1939….80 years next year! I would hope that 2019 will see the Park plan released and the future of ‘Our Girl’ secured within that plan.   

Best regards,

Bill Anderson

Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association Incorporated is a non-profit organisation, trading as RATHMINES CATALINA Association
ADDRESS: PO Box 59, Toronto NSW 2283 AUSTRALIA

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