Some TLC for ‘Our Girl’.

Progress is being made with “Our Girl”.
Plenty of work has been going on with restoration of instrument panel and various small panel work on our Catalina, while we are waiting for a suitable area to commence major work, but red tape & processes, have slowed that down.

But things are happening.

One of the engines is being lovingly dismantled by an ex QANTAS engineer, for cleaning & re-assembly for public display.
Whilst this is happening, and we await official word on final location for our static display, we are ready for some good ol’ body work and ‘makeup’!  We are now ready for some extra willing hands to help with rubbing, prepping and painting primer coat on the fuselage in Toronto and the wings in Kilaben Bay. We have the equipment and necessaries, all we need is the labour. Some experience in spray painting/body work would be nice, but not necessary. We have people to oversee this work.

Please email your contact details, or questions, via our Contact Form on this site, with the days/time you prefer, so as we can prepare a roster. A few dozen people on one day would be nice, but 3-4 per day, spread over 2 or 3 days is much more practical, and would probably avoid getting in each others way.
If we have enough volunteers, we do not expect this process to take more than a week or two . . . . . . . . . . three . . . . . four?