PBY 5A Catalina – ‘Our Girl’.

Aircraft History.

1940s – BuAer 48412, US Navy
Sept. 4, 1956 – Registered as N10024 to Trade Ayer, Linden, NJ.
May 7, 1957-1959 – Registered as N96R to Cole Brock Inc, PA
1959 – Registered as YV-P-EPX to Remert Werner Inc, St. Louis.
Oct. 1959-1975 – Registered to Orinoco Mining Co, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
July 1961 –  Registered as YV-P-EPZ.   (Subsequent registration YV-56CP was reserved but not taken up).
1975-1992 – Registered as YV-O-CFO-4 to Corporacion Ferrominera de Orinoco, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
27 Jan 1976 – Damaged when it struck a sand bank. Repaired and returned to service.
March 1983 – Registered as YV- 485CP to Camnaronera del Sur CA
1989 –  Registered as YV- 485C to Italo Compagna
2000 –  Last Flight, San Juan, Puerto Rico
20 Sept 2004 –  Registered as N7238Z to Caribbean Airport Facilities Inc, Carolina, PR
Jan 2005 –  For sale on eBay for US50,000 (heavy corrosion).
25 Feb 2013, Auctioned on eBay for US20,000 to Rathmines Catalina Park Trust, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia


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Ready for the boat trip to Australia.