May 2017 Restoration update.

May 2017.


There has been significant progress made on the refurbishment of our PBY5-A since the last update.

Starting at the front of the fuselage, or bow, the complete nose wheel assembly including the gear doors has been removed. Terry Fahey (T2) is currently working on removing the last of the actuating mechanism from inside the fuselage and then all the components will cleaned, seized and damaged parts repaired as required, primed with two pack epoxy and placed in temporary storage until required.

The temporary storage mentioned above is a newly acquired weatherproof and well ventilated shipping container set up with shelving where all repaired components plus other spares and important tooling will be stored.

Moving aft a little into the the cockpit and the navigator’s and radio operator’s compartment, Steve Brown and Greg Mewton are removing the last of the internal components such as the control column and rudder pedal assembly. Once again, all the components required to be refitted later will be stored after repair. It is still our intention to eventually end up with a showpiece cockpit and first compartment looking as original as possible.


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