Centre Wing Arrives.

15th April, 2014.

After some bureaucratic delays, (again!), the final part of the Catalina PBY5-A, purchased from San Juan, has arrived.

The ship carrying the mid-section wing arrived at a new terminal in Sydney, where no cranes were operating, no computer connectivity to staff dockside, and only limited access to quarantine staff (?). On top of that, they were disputing paper work and value of shipment. For a while it seemed as though we would be up for covering extra costs of relocating to another terminal, or at least paying for an Easter Holiday delay at the least, while paperwork was sorted.

Common sense finally prevailed, and the wing is to arrive at our depot in Carey Bay in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Again, a huge debt of thanks to DARACON TRANSPORT, Newcastle, for supplying drivers & transport from the Port of Sydney at no cost to the Association. Also, huge thanks again to BORGER CRANES for supplying the crane to off load at this end.

Now, after the journey began a little over 12 months ago, the process begins – all the parts to be re-assembled.