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Centre Wing Arrives.

15th April, 2014. After some bureaucratic delays, (again!), the final part of the Catalina PBY5-A, purchased from San Juan, has arrived. The ship carrying the mid-section wing arrived at a new terminal in Sydney, where no cranes were operating, no computer connectivity to staff dockside, and only limited access to quarantine staff (?). On top […]

‘Our Girl’ Update.

‘Our Girl’, PBY5A Catalina purchased from San Juan by the Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park in NSW is now almost all here, finally. Fuselage cleared customs in Sydney today, & will be now under the command of DARACON Industries transport arm for transport to its new home at Lake Macquarie. Transport will start at 1am in […]

‘Our Girl’ on the way!

Confirmation has been received from San Juan that the fuselage and main wings will leave the apron of the San Juan Airport on the 19th & 20th November. The sailing date is to be confirmed within the next 4-5 days, and photos and video will also be sent.

‘Our Girl’ – Latest Update

Final shipping details have been finalised in San Juan. Fuselage and main wings will be loaded in Puerto Rico within the next two weeks. Approximate due date for arrival in Sydney is by the week ending 13th December. Preferred Newcastle Port for arrival was out of the question. Steel skid for fuselage is ready, as […]

Journey to Rathmines – A Transport Tale.

‘OUR GIRL’   Monday 21st October, 2013. The final part of the first shipment of ‘Our Girl’ from San Juan was completed today. Trust members, Rob Furner and John Richard journeyed to the Quarantine depot at Sydenham, Sydney, to collect the rear wing assembly (and rudder), along with the two Pratt & Whitney engines. Transport […]

‘Our Girl’ Update.

Engines and container with spare parts has cleared customs, and will be on their way ‘home’ next week. Slight issue with tail assembly – still in quarantine due to foreign matter lodged in little nooks and crannies. Quote: “The rudder where the bee’s were was fine, but when all the hatches were removed from the […]

‘Our Girl’ Update

Container with engines and spare parts has arrived in Sydney over past weekend. Along with the flat-bed containing the tail assembly, they are both being held in x-ray and quarantine. Should be released within week.  

‘Our Girl’ in San Juan

The engines have been removed, and the centre wing section is also ready for removal after the outer wings have been removed. In  the process of removing many outer wing attach bolts inside & outside wing, a very laborious process but it is going well. Young students on job are not particularly suited for inside […]