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2015 Festival

See the beautiful Lake Macquarie like you never have before. Take a joy flight on the day of the festival either in a Helicopter or a Sea Plane.
Pre-book your Helicopter or Sea Plane joy flight before the festival to ensure your place
** Call Heliservices direct to book your joy flight on the day of the Festival.

4962 5188

** Call Sydney Seaplanes direct to book your joy flight on the day of the Festival 1300 732 752




Further Information on Festival page.


Sorry to have to keep harping on this, but –

The Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association Inc. are the ONLY organisers of the Rathmines Catalina Festival.
The Association is the owner of all logos associated with the Festival, and to this date, no one else has sought or gained permission for their use.
The ONLY web site  and Facebook page associated with the Association is the Community Face Book page and the Association web site, (this site,which  has a linked Festival page for updates). We also use Twitter for updates.
There are other pages and web sites still with outdated information and advice, (from last year and the previous year), that are not sanctioned, or relevant, to the Association and/or Festival.

The Association will not be held responsible for any information on these other sites.





The Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association Incorporated

was initially established as an unincorporated body by a deed on 30th April, 1998, establishing a charitable trust. The terms of that deed were amended by a supplementary deed of trust on 20th February 2008.  This trust was then called “The Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Trust”.

The Trust became an “Incorporated Association” in January, 2014, now known as “Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association Incorporated”.

An eight member board, all of whom are from the surrounding area, have been put in place to oversee the future of the Association.

That board consists of –

  • (Mrs) Penny Furner (Chairperson/Committee)
  • Mr Peter Hollingsworth (Public Officer/Secretary/Committee)
  • Mr Greg Piper MP
  • Mr John Richard (Treasurer/Committee)
  • Mr Robert Furner
  • Mr David Swanson
  • Mr Tony Cade
  • Mr Wayne Russell

Restoration of our Catalina aircraft under the supervision of Mr Terry Woollard & Mr David Swanson

We have a wide network of volunteer PBY Catalina enthusiasts and will be looking to include the children and grandchildren of those who served as PBY crews as well as those who served at Rathmines.

Our website has been in operation since 2013 and is under continuing upgrade.


  • To erect a suitable enclosure for our PBY Catalina, recently purchased from Puerto Rico, San Juan.
  • To educate and inform the public of the history and importance of the Catalina and Rathmines.
  • To establish an aviation museum with the focus on Rathmines, the Catalina, Sunderland and other seaplanes.
  • To honour and support the needs of all our veterans.


Our experience with festivals, memorial services and other projects has readied the Association for the planning and implementation of our next steps:

  • Restoration of our PBY Catalina aircraft, purchased from Puerto Rico, San Juan.
  • Development of an aviation/museum centre which will include an education area and screening room, as well as conference/function rooms for use by schools, public and other organisations.

Other projects will eventuate as time, personnel, and funding allows.  A video documentary of Rathmines and its history being one of those planned.

The doors to this exciting future can only be opened with your help.

You can participate with your generous donation.

The Greater Building Society   BSB: 637 000     Account #  720 223 155

The Association is a not for profit Association and all donations are tax exempt.

ABN 38 215 922 527


Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park